About CA

CA is an unemployment fund which can provide you with unemployment benefits, if you lose your job or are unemployed after graduation.

But we are much more than that. We can also help you with a wide range of services - free of charge - which can optimize your chances of/for getting a new job:

  • personal coaching and support in preparing for your first or next job
  • advice on how to write your CV and job application
  • courses, seminars and workshops which focus on the personal skills you require to meet the current needs of the job market.

CA was founded in 1978 and has more than 61,000 members. Providing great customer service is a key issue for us and we have beed rewarded with the highst customer satisfaction in our industry for the last couple of years.

Who can join CA a‑kasse?

CA a-kasse is an unemployment insurance fund for business professionals employed in:

Management - Consulting - Finance - Economics - Communication - Marketing - Sales - Procurement - Logistics - Business Administration - Human Resource Management - Information Technology - and other business related areas.

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