CA is your safety net when you finish your studies. You will receive financial benefits and a wide range of courses and workshops or personal counselling provides you with tools for your personal development as well as for job hunting.

Below you can read more about becoming a member of CA as a graduate. If you have more than 3 months to graduation you should instead apply for a free studentmembership. Or take a closer look at our benefits/services.

How much money will you get if you're unemployed?

The daily benefit rate for a full-time insured graduate is DKK 15,279 per month for providers and DKK 13,323 per month for non-providers.

You can join the CA if:

You had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education.

  • You are in Denmark no later than 14 days (including weekends) after you end your education, i.e. you must apply for membership within two weeks (14 days) of completing your education.
  • Note: If you are an EEA citizen you can join the unemployment insurance fund. You will be entitled to benefits after the same rules as Danish citizens.

If you are a non-EEA citizen, we advise you to contact us to hear more about your options. You can join the unemployment insurance fund after the same rules as Danish citizens. You are, however only entitled to benefits if you have a work permit. The work permit can not be limited to a certain job or a certain amount of hours. A work permit that you have applied for and gotten for a specific job is not sufficient. Neither is a 'Student work permit' in those months where you only are allowed to work 15 hours. Contact our experts in the subject on phone +45 3314 9045 or e‑mail

When should you apply for membership?

No later than 14 days (including weekends) after completing your education – this deadline is extremely important. If we receive your application later than that, you will not be entitled to benefits until you have been a member for 12 months and only if you have had a salary of at least DKK 228.348,- (2018 figures) over the last 3 years. Youi can include a maximum salary of DKK 19.029,- per month (2018 figures) - and only for periods in which you were a member of an unemployment fund. To meet the requirements, you must have had this income for at least 12 months. Higher earnings will not entitle you to receive benefits sooner. If you have earned less per month, it will take you longer to earn the right to receive benefits. Income amounts are adjusted earch year. Check the annual amount here on

So contact us immediately you complete your education!

When have you completed your education?

Your period of education is at an end when all student activities are terminated and you have passed your exam and received your final grades.

When will you receive your benefits?

As a new graduate you are entitled to unemployment benefit just one month after your graduation provided we receive your application within 14 days, as stated above. Please note that you must have a Danish residence and work permit to receive benefits.

What else do you get?

All CA members are entitled to career counselling and coaching from our 15 career counsellors. They will help you with answers to specific questions or with solving more complex career counselling or coaching processes. All counsellors have a profound knowledge of the job market for business professionals.

What does it cost?

Membership of the CA costs DKK 485,- per month and is paid by the quarter up front. The amount is tax deductible.

Any questions?

Feel free to call us at +45 3314 9045, or send an e-mail to

Become a student member?

Are you doing further studies? If you graduate from eg. your Bachelor and expect to continue your studies

Or do you have more than 3 months left of your studies?

Then join CA as a free student member.  If you have been a student member for at least one year, you will be entitled to unemployment benefits the day after you finish your education.

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