A free student membership can get you a cash profit of up to DKK 13,323 and access to a range of career development activities.

Cash profit

If you have been a student member for over one year, you will already the day after you have finished your education be eligible for unemployment benefits. Today this amounts to DKK 15,279 per month for providers and DKK 13,323 per month for non-providers. As a graduate you would normally have to wait one month in order to be considered eligible for unemployment benefits. This way you get a nice cash profit by being a student member if you do not have a job after graduation.

Career development

As a student member of CA you have access to a number of exciting and career enhancing activities and offers. It is all about preparing you the best possible way for post-study life – by giving you tools and personal development so you can start preparing yourself already while studying. See the list of services and benefits.

A student membership is free of charge. You start paying when graduating from your studies.

CA Legal Support

As a student member of CA you can also subscribe to CA Legal Support for free. CA Legal Support provides you the possibility to have a solicitor persuing your job contract and for legal assistance should disagreements with your employer arise that may end up in court. When you graduate the CA Legal Support subscription is only DKK 50,- a month – and it is tax deductible. Read more and subscribe to CA legal support here (the information is in  Danish). If you have questions, please contact us on +45 3314 9045.

Can I become a student member?

In order to be a student member you must first be admitted as a wage earner and subsequently be exempt from subscription fees. In practice you apply for both at the same time with this application: Online application (in Danish) or PDF application

When registering you must confirm that you satisfy the following conditions:


If you are a resident of an EEA country you can become a free student member, you just have to fulfill the following five points, if you are under 30 years.  

  1. I am taking an education equivalent to at least 1 ½ years full-time study (90 ECTS credits)
  2. I have residence in Denmark
  3. I had residence in Denmark just before the start of my study
  4. I do not have an income exceeding DKK 223,596,- per year
  5. I am under 30 years (If you are over 30 years, please call CA on tel 3314 9045).

Please note that you can't be a student member for more than 5 years.

You must have joined and started to contribute to the voluntary early retirement pay scheme not later than on the day you turn 30. We recommend you to contact us in order to learn about your options.

If you are not a resident of an EEA country we advice you to call us as membership is dependent on specific rules for non-EEA countries.

Already a member?
If you are already a member of CA and are to commence a new education, you can also apply for free student membership. That might be the case if you have joined CA earlier on based on e.g. a bachelor’s degree and now wish to continue with a master’s.

You can apply for a free student membership by the English application or apply online (in Danish).

Your status change will have effect as of the day we receive your application for free subscription, however, earliest from the day you have started your education. You must, though, pay attention to the fact that in some cases it may possibly be to your advantage to keep your present membership. Please contact us to find out more on +45 3314 9045.

Join CA - apply for membership

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Download application form as a PDF:
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