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CA has more to offer than other 'a-kasser'
- and the most satisfied customers

Your return on investment

Your membership fee is DKK 481,- per month, if you have a membership on employee- or graduate-terms. Student membership is free of charge.

The unemployment benefits are in average DKK 13,152,- if you're a graduate, and up to DKK 18,395,- per month, if you have lost your job.

If the unemployment benefits aren't enough you can sign up for an supplementary insurance, getting you covered for up 90 % of your salary.

Why join CA?

CA is the natural choice for Business Professionals, meaning people working with leadership, project management, economy, finance, IT, HR, communication, marketing, sales, logistics, procurement and consulting (a. o. management consulting, auditing and advertising). This has been our key target group from day one and therefore we are specialized in their needs and how the job market works for that group in particular.

Undoubtedly this is one of the reasons that CA is rewarded with the highest customer satisfaction every time a benchmark is done in our industry. Another reason is that we offer a lot more services than other 'a-kasser'. Se the list of our services.

There are three ways to join up as a member of CA - depending on your status on the jobmarket: