About CA

CA is the career partner and unemployment fund for all business professionals in Denmark. Many of our 66,000 members work in business: management, economics, communication, HR and similar.

Almost all our members work in the private sector and earned their degree from universities, business schools or academies.

Here you can find information about:

Governance & management

CA’s board of representatives is a 26-person committee elected from and by the members for a term of 4 years. Every other year, 5 members and 2 backups are elected to the executive committee.

Opening hours

Find opening hours for our 5 offices and an overview of when we are open and closed.

Why you should join CA

CA is much more than just an unemployment fund. We offer you a wealth of career-boosting services – whether you are a student, employed or unemployed.


Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

CA data protection policy

CA collects and stores personal data only when this is relevant and necessary.

At the same time, we place high demands on the security of our IT systems to ensure optimal protection of the collected personal data at all times.