Availability and job search

You are entitled to benefits if you have had a salary of at least DKK 243.996 (2021 figure) over the last 3 years. You can include a maximum salary of DKK 20.333,- per month (2021 figures) – and only for periods in which you were a member of an unemployment fund.

To meet the requirement, you must have had this income for at least 12 months. Higher earnings will not entitle you to receive benefits sooner. If you have earned less per month, it will take you longer to earn the right to receive benefit.

Income amounts are adjusted each year. Check the annual amount here on ca.dk.

Or if you just graduated your studies and now are entitled to 'dagpenge' as a 'dimittend'.

In order to get unemployment benefits you need to be actively seeking jobs, come to meetings at CA and at your local Jobcenter and fill out some forms. In more details the regulations are:

You must be available for work

  • When you sign on as unemployed you must attend an introductory CV meeting with CA within the first two weeks after signing on. 
  • •    You have to be actively jobseeking from the first day you register as unemployed. Here by applying for and registering 2 jobs every week on your joblog on www.jobnet.dk
  • Register your CV/resume on www.jobnet.dk within 2 weeks from date of unemployment registration
  • Hold residence in Denmark
  • Check your postbox daily
  • Provide information regarding health issues or other hindrances
  • Notify illness and holidays
  • Attend meetings and activities for which you have been summoned
  • Start a job on a day-to-day basis as directed by the Jobcenter, CA a-kasse or Anden Aktør
  • Seek jobs – also outside your own field of work
  • Comply with your Plan for Job Search 

Demands on your job search

  • You have to be active in your job search and your job search must be serious and realistic
  • You must apply for jobs in the manner common within the profession of which you are applying
  • Each week you must apply for at least two full time positions in Denmark - at least one of them must have been advertised. This applies from the first day of unemployment.  
  • If there are not enough jobs available within your field of expertise you must expand your job search to other areas
  • You must look for jobs in professions which hold favourable opportunities for employment

Read more: "How many jobs should I apply for?" 

We must agree on a plan for your job search

  • The purpose of the plan is to make sure that you find a job as quickly as possible – and that your job search is as efficient as possible
  • The plan is also to ensure that you are aware of the demands we place on your job search
  • Should you be unemployed 3 months from now you will be summoned by CA for a reevaluation of your availability. This evaluation will be based upon whether you have complied with your Plan for Job Search

Consequence of lack of availability

You can:

  • be cut off from your unemployment benefit for a period of time
  • receive a 2 or 3 weeks suspension
  • lose your right to unemployment benefit altogether

Use your period of unemployment constructively and actively!

  • You can obtain supplementary benefit for up to 30 weeks within 104 weeks, if you find employment of less than 29,6 hours/week
  • You can be selfemployed part time and receive benefit up to 78 weeks 
  • You may do voluntary, unpaid work
  • You can apply for jobs for the duration of 3 months in another EEA-country and bring your Danish unemployment benefit with you
  • You can obtain pre-paid courses of your own choice for up to 6 weeks with SVU after 18 weeks of unemployment
  • You may attend certain courses and educations along with your unemployment benefit
  • Remember always to apply for permission before you start one of the above mentioned activities.

Courses/educations, you can attend while receiving benefit

  • Courses under the law of ”folkeoplysning” (Contact schools for more information)
  • Courses that are not a part of the SU-system can be attended of less than 20 lessons a week (merkonom, HD etc.)
  • Courses in HF and high school of less than 20 lessons a week
  • Open education (Åben uddannelse) corresponding to 1/3 of a year for full time students or 6 lessons a week (applies for either the first 3 or 6 months of your period of unemployment according to your age)

Remember always to inform CA about courses you attend or wish to attend

In doubt? Don't hesitate to contact us by phone (3314 9045) or email (ca@ca.dk). Download the PDF 'Worth knowing - while you are unemployed'

Don't forget to job log!

You must register your job search acitivities in your job log on jobnet.dk

  • Register your activites at least once a week
  • Upload no less than two sent applications each month

If you fail to do this, it might have consequences in regard to your benefits.

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