CA Income Protection

CA Income Protection offers a supplement to your unemployment benefits in case you lose your job. You decide on the degree of financial security that you wish to have.

Predicting what will happen in your work life can be difficult, but taking out income protection with CA gives you a supplement to your benefits. The size of the supplement, and when you wish to receive the first payment, is up to you.

You can choose benefits of between 2,000 DKK and 40,000 DKK for up to 12 months, and choose income protection with or without a 30-day waiting period. 

After the waiting period, if applicable, you will receive the benefits for every 30 days of unemployment.

Income protection that covers up to 90% of your salary

CA Income Protection is paid on top of unemployment benefits, which currently average DKK 19,322 per month. The extent of coverage from income protection is up to you.

With CA Income Protection, you will be covered for up to 90% of your salary, or no more than 40,000 DKK per month, plus your unemployment benefits. No labour market contribution (AMB) applies to the payments. CA Income Protection covers a total of 36 months: up to 12 months per unemployment period, with temporary work periods of 12 months permitted.

Take note of the initial waiting period for income protection

Before you can claim benefits from CA Income Protection, there will be an initial waiting period of 9 months from the day of registration. This means that you will have no coverage if you are dismissed in the first 9 months after registration. When the waiting period has expired, you can claim income protection if you become unemployed.

If you have taken out income protection with another provider, your seniority will be transferred when you join CA Income Protection, provided that you satisfy the requirements for taking out the insurance. 

Requirements for taking out CA Income Protection:

To register with CA Income Protection, you must:

  • be a CA member
  • be aged between 18 and 55 years when the CA Income Protection comes into force
  • have a Danish CPR number
  • be permanently employed in Denmark (excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands) in a position with at least 16 hours per week, and have been so for at least the previous 6 months
  • not be unemployed
  • have no knowledge of future redundancy (avoiding knowledge of future redundancy included)

Questions about CA Income Protection?

In our FAQ section, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about CA Income Protection. 

CA Income Protection is offered to CA’s members by AmTrust Insurance in collaboration with the Canadian insurers Marsh. CA is not involved in the administration of the scheme. For further information, please contact CA Income Protection/Marsh at 4595 4671 or

To calculate your premium, see prices, or register with CA Income Protection, please visit CA Income Protection’s webpage (in Danish).

CA Income Protection in brief:

  • Coverage of up to 90% of your current salary after deduction of the labour market contribution (AMB)
  • Coverage of up to 40,000 DKK per month, unemployment benefits excluded. The payments are not subject to deduction for the ATP
  • Coverage for up to 12 months per unemployment period, for a total period of 36 months
  • Part-time employees with at least 16 hours per week can now take out insurance
  • 12 months temporary work allowed
  • You can choose CA Income Protection with or without an own-risk period of 30 days: you decide whether you need cover for the first month of unemployment – that is, whether you will receive the first payment after 30 days or after 60 days of unemployment. Payments are then due after each period of 30 days’ unemployment
  • A 9-month waiting period. You must not be dismissed or become aware of your dismissal in the first 9 months after registration with the scheme
  • If you have taken out supplementary insurance with another provider, your seniority will be transferred to CA Income Protection, provided that the criteria for taking out the insurance are otherwise met





New: CA Income Protection with no own risk

Some of our members have asked for coverage from CA Income Protection for the first month of unemployment – that is, for a scheme with no own risk.

This is now an option: when taking out insurance, you choose an own risk period of 0 days or 30 days. The other terms and conditions are the same, but the price is slightly higher if you wish immediate protection.

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