CA Legal Support for employees

CA Legal Support is a part of CA+ and covers feedback on employment contracts, employment conditions, dismissal and more. We advise you to sign up today, as there is a waiting period. 

There is no waiting time if you registered for CA+ while you were a student.

With a CA+ membership, CA Legal Support gives you these advantages for only DKK 55,- per month:

  • Legal counselling on employment issues via telephone, letter or email.
  • Review of employment contracts and legal advice on questions concerning employment conditions, dismissal, etc.
  • Legal assistance in disagreements over employment law, including correspondence with employers, participation in settlement conferences and court procedures.

What types of legal assistance are covered?

CA Legal Support covers issues related to employment law – for example, counselling and legal assistance in legal disagreements, such as dismissal during parental leave or unjustified dismissal. Correspondence with employers, participation in settlement conferences and court proceedings are also covered.

Such issues are not covered by your CA unemployment fund membership, so you need to sign up for the extra services and security with CA+ or elsewhere. 

What does CA Legal Support cost?

CA Legal Support is a part of CA+ and offers you legal protection and assistance at a very competitive price.

The monthly membership fee is only DKK 55,- and is collected together with you CA membership fee every three months. Please note that the membership fee is tax-deductible, just like your CA unemployment fund membership.

There is a waiting period for CA Legal Support – register with CA+ now 

There is a six-month waiting period for CA Legal Support, after which you can take advantage of all the benefits of the scheme.

However, from day one you have access to brief telephone or email counselling (up to 5 minutes) regarding specific terms and conditions of your employment. If you need a review of your employment contract during the waiting period, we will help you against a one-time fee of 750 DKK.

To avoid the waiting period please register with CA+ now - before you need legal advice and assistance.

Can I avoid the waiting time for CA Legal Support?

If you been a member of a trade union for at least 6 months uninterrupted when you join CA+, the six-month waiting period is waived, and you will have full coverage from CA Legal Support for any issues arising after your registration. If you joined CA+ as a student member and continue your membership, you avoid the waiting time likewise .

How does membership of CA+ work?

  • CA+ is an independent association funded by its own membership fees.
  • CA’s unemployment fund thus has no financial ties to CA+.
  • CA+ is available only to members of CA unemployment fund.

What types of legal advice are not covered by the scheme?

The scheme covers only legal assistance with issues concerning employment law. Thus the scheme does not concern work-related injuries and other legal services, such as writing wills, etc.

See the regulations for CA+ here (in Danish).


Not yet a CA member?

Please note that only CA members can sign up for CA Legal Support through CA+.

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Contact CA Legal Support

Advodan Holbæk/København
Gl. Ringstedvej 61
4300 Holbæk
Phone: 5945 4040

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9.00 - 16.00
Friday: 9.00 - 15.00