CA+ membership offers you even more!

DecorativeIn combination with your CA membership, CA+ offers you even more. 
More services, more opportunities for professional development and legal security to boot! 

CA+ only costs DKK 55,- extra pr month and is tax deductible. If you are a free student member of CA, CA+ is free!



Legal support

Professional help with contracts, non-compete clauses, dismissal and other employment terms.



Courses and professional development at especially advantageous CA+ prices.


Check your salary

Free access to check you salary level and get an unlimited number of salary reports.

Not yet a CA+ member? 

CA+ offers you even more services and opportunities as well as legal support.


(Note: The sign-up form is in Danish)

CA+ is reserved for members of CA Unemployment Fund. CA+ is an independent association known under the name CA Legal Support until June 3, 2019. For previous members of CA Legal Support, the change of name to CA+ means no change in your insurance or legal coverage. CA Legal Support continues as part of the product offering under the new name CA+. 

See the regulations for CA+ here (in Danish)