new restructured menu and an easier way to login

DecorativeJune 3, 2020

We’ve transformed and added a new menu, a new frontpage – and an easier way of logging in. At the same time, we’ve adjusted the layout to provide a lighter feel and clearer navigation.

Optimizing the user experience

For the last couple of years our website has grown continuously as new services as well as new rules have been added. We’ve cleaned up and created a new menu that is easier and more intuitive to navigate.

If you use the website on a regular basis you might need to adjust to the new structure and new design. Here you can get a quick overview of the most important changes

New frontpage with fewer menu items and shortcuts

There are significant changes to the frontpage of We’ve removed the panel containing shortcuts in the right side of the top banner. Instead you’ll find the shortcuts in our Self-service section. We have also changed the menu into the following points: 

  • Your situation
    Your needs and interests differ depending on whether you are a student, a new graduate, are employed self-employed, unemployed or even benefiting from the early retirement scheme. Here you’ll find an overview of the content that is most important in relation to your current situation.
  • Job search
    Here you’ll get an overview of how CA can help you by providing tools for your job search; e.g. carreer counselling, courses, webinars etc. Let CA help you find your next dream job.
  • Services
    Here you can see what CA offers you as a member – no matter if you’r currently unemployed or holding a steady job. All offers are for all members. For instance – you can take advantage of our offers on career counselling, courses, webinars, insurance offers, CA+ including CA Legal Support. Just to name a few.
  • The benefit rules
    In this section you’ll find all the rules you need to know about your rights and duties as unemployed. For instance what special rules apply if you have recently graduated, are self-employed, work as a freelancer or even while you’re job hunting abroad.
  • Self-service.
    Here you can fill in and submit your monthly benefit form, application for holiday benefits and much more. You can also find an overview of all letters and payout specifications that CA has sent you.

DecorativeImproved overview on every page

On each page in the new menu we’ve created a uniform structure. A lot of subpages from the former menu have been condensed into new and fewer pages providing an improved overview for our users.

New and more flexible login

Until now you have been required to use NemID to login and use CA’s Self-service or even to sign up for courses and other events. You can still use NemID but now you can also choose to create a more flexible login by creating your own username and password. Read more here: How to login at

How was the new version of created

This new version of our website hasn’t been built solely on our own expectations and gut feeling when it comes to providing the best possible user experience. Prior to launch we’ve spent a year preparing through thorough research, analyzing the user journey and our members’ needs. Also we’ve relied heavily on guidance from User Experience experts, user feedback and testing.

However – a website is constantly evolving. That is why we’ll continue to improve on the site whenever we can.

If you have any thoughts or comments – or suggestions for further improvements – please share them with us at We value your input.