COVID-19: Your rights and possibilities

Here you can find answers to many of the questions that have come up in connection with the COVID-19 crisis – questions about availability, job searching, work sharing, wage compensation, employment law and so on. 

This page is continually updated as we receive news about the authorities’ initiatives. The latest update was made Friday 20 March at 2 pm.

Unemployed: your rights and obligations

A number of special measures have been taken to soften the consequences for our unemployed members during the corona crisis.

Wage compensation

As part of the government’s initiatives against corona/covid-19, a three-party agreement was made between the government and the labour market parties about a temporary wage compensation scheme for employees in private businesses at risk of dismissal.

Businesses can receive compensation for the number of workers that they send home rather than dismiss because of the coronavirus or covid-19. The condition for entering the scheme is that the business would otherwise have to dismiss at least 30% of the entire staff or more than 50 employees.

Businesses can join the new wage compensation scheme in return for deselecting other options of layoffs without pay.

Self-employed: your position in the corona crisis

The corona crisis has been extra hard on our self-employed members, because in step with society’s close-down, customers are becoming fewer or simply stay away. 

We receive many inquiries from self-employed members who are on the brink of throwing in the towel and close their business to apply for benefits. But on the 19th of March the parliament unanimously voted for help packages of up to 40 billion kroner for small self-employed business owners. For many, this could be an attractive alternative to closing their business.

Work sharing scheme

The work sharing scheme is an opportunity for the company to avoid firing, by letting the employees work part time for a period and get supplementary unemployment benefits. It can only be done if both the company and the employees agree on making such af scheme .

Only employees who are members of an unemployment fund are entitled to supplementary benefits for the days they are out of work. The corona crisis has moved the government to change the rules to make the scheme more flexible for companies to use.

Questions about corona and benefit rules

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Questions about corona and employment law

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