CV database - CA-Connect on LinkedIn

Let the job find you through CA-Connect. Companies often ask us to identify candidates for their open positions. We then find the right match via the CA-Connect LinkedIn group.

  • CA-Connect is a LinkedIn group where you join a network that shares knowledge and inspiration for career opportunities
  • CA-Connect is also a CV bank and job platform that allows us to contact you directly on LinkedIn with relevant job openings that match your LinkedIn profile. This places you in front of the line for a number of positions that are often not posted elsewhere. At CA, we act as mediators in more than 250 job vacancies each year.

Joining CA-Connect is quick and easy

As almost all our members already have a LinkedIn profile, we use CA’s LinkedIn group as our CV bank when matching members and companies. This saves you the trouble of registering with other CV banks. Instead, a few clicks will activate your CA-Connect profile.

How to use CA-Connect as a CV bank:

  1. Join the CA-Connect LinkedIn group *
  2. Access your LinkedIn profile via the 'Jobs' tab
  3. Click 'Career interests'
  4. Click 'on' in the field 'Let recruiters know you’re open'.

If you join the group without activating the last function, you can read all the job postings and so on, but you will not receive our targeted enquiries about relevant jobs.

Be aware that by indicating on your LinkedIn profile that you are open for career opportunities, you also allow other recruiters to contact you about jobs.

* NOTE! Perhaps you are already a member of CA-Connect. We used to call it 'CA Karrierepartner og a-kasse'. 

CA-Connect is an important part of your job plan

The CA Connect is an important condition for CA to be able to provide the contact between employers and candidates searching for a job.

It is also an important self-reinforcing effect in the fact that the more followers there are in the CA-Connect-group, the more attractive for the companies to use CA's recruiting services, the more jobs for CA-Connect to provide. And if you are not following CA-Connect on LinkedIn, you can miss a good job offer. 

In the future all unemployed members of CA must follow CA-Connect on LinkedIn and when attending the future availability meetings, we will add it to your job plan.