Finishing your studies soon?

To avoid unpleasant surprises on graduating, you should be aware of a number of rules.

Most importantly, you must inform CA no later than 14 days after receiving your last grade. You must inform us, regardless of whether you are planning to continue studying, start work or apply for benefits.

Even if you get your SU (the student educational grant) the month you finish your education you are still entitled to receive unemployment benefits for the same month too – that is: you are entitled to receive both benefits this month. However this does not apply if you continue studying or start a new study.

What to remember: 

  1. On completing your education, you must inform CA no later than 14 days after receiving your last grade. After graduation, use CA's Self-service to change your status from student to graduate: Change your status from Student to Graduate (NemID required)
  2. Register as unemployed on and send an unemployment statement, Ledighedserklæring (In Danish, NemID required), to CA if you want to be able to apply for benefits. No benefits are available before the day you register as unemployed
  3. If you have a student job, please contact us for information about the rules here, as otherwise your chances of receiving benefits may be affected - or you can read about the rules here in Danish
  4. If you stayed abroad while studying, you must be resident and present in Denmark no later than 14 days after graduation

On graduation day, you will typically be faced with one of the following situations:

Unless you continue studying at a higher level, your free study membership will end, and you must start paying the membership fee.

Continuing your studies at a higher level

If you are a student member with us, just fill in the form Change your status from Student to Graduate (NemID required) when you have completed your education, informing us that you will be continuing your studies at a higher level. You will shortly receive confirmation that we have extended your free study membership.

If you did not complete the form 'Skift til dimittend ved afslutning af uddannelse' on graduating, and we are only later informed that you continued your education, you must fill in an application to be excempt from paying the membership fee Ansøgning om kontingentfritagelse – studerende.



Working full-time

Please remember to complete the Change your status from Student to Graduate form at the end of your studies, thereby confirming to us that your education is completed. By filling in the form you make use of your rights as a new graduate, entitling you to claim benefits if you should become unemployed.

You will receive graduate rate benefits based on your completed studies, but you are entitled to have your rate calc.ulated already after 3 months in continuous employment, to enter into force 6 months after your graduation. A monthly income of at least DKK 23,336 (2021-numbers, before tax) will entitle you to the maximum benefit rate in case of unemployment.

See the current benefit rates here.


Working part-time, VAT (moms)-registered or still in student job

As a new graduate you can continue working as a student assistant, even if you apply for benefits. However, this depends on your submission of a copy of your contract and that your employer is willing to sign a release certificate (in Danish) which we must receive no later than 5 weeks after your benefit rights come into force. If you work part-time without a term of notice, you must either fill in the form Oplysning om beskæftigelse - lønmodtager (in Danish). You need not send us a release certificate.

When we have approved your application, you are entitled to supplementary benefits for up to 30 weeks within a period of 2 years. Your working hours will be set off against your benefits. When you receive supplementary benefits, you must continue to be available to the labour market; that is, the same rules apply as if you were full-time unemployed.

If you do not continue your work as a student assistant after graduation, you must have given notice and resigned your position no later than the day BEFORE you complete your education. If you resign later, a 3-week waiting period without benefits will be imposed. The waiting period can only be settled during a period with benefit rights – that is, holidays, or other periods in which you are not available, do not count.

If you resign from your job before you have used your right to 30 weeks with supplementary benefits, you are also covered by the rules about self-inflicted unemployment and a 3-week waiting period will be imposed. You can avoid the waiting period by resigning from your part-time job when your supplementary benefit rights lapse.

VAT (moms)-registered

You can claim benefits, even if you run a VAT-registered business. These conditions apply: the business is your supplementary job, work is done outside of normal opening hours and generally takes up less than 15 hours per week. If you have your own business, you must submit the form Ansøgning om selvstændig bibeskæftigelse (in Danish, NemID required) along with the unemployment statement. 


Unemployed – applying for benefits

It is important that you complete the Skift til dimittend form on your graduation. This confirms to us that you have completed your studies while you ensure that you are entitled to benefits.

If you have been a member with us for at least 12 months, your benefit rights come into effect already from the day after graduation. If your membership goes back less than a year, a 1-month waiting period is enforced before you are entitled to benefits. For example, if your final exam is on August 24, you can get benefits from September 25. Your local job centre may pay you an advance in the waiting period. Contact them for further information.

To apply for benefits you must:

  • register as unemployed on You will not be entitled to benefits before registering on jobnet.
  • fill in the unemployment statement for new graduates: Ledighedserklæring for nyuddannede (in Danish, NemID required)

The graduate rate benefits for 2021 amount to DKK 15,844 per month if you have dependent children; DKK 13,815 per month (before tax) if you have no dependent children. Benefits are paid only for weekdays, not Saturdays and Sundays. Provided we receive your benefit form for the period, benefits are paid in arrears on the last banking day of the month. 

For an overview of submission dates for the benefit form, please click here


Unemployed – not applying for benefits

You are not required to make use of your benefit rights immediately on graduation – for example if you wish to travel.

However, it is important to you complete the form Skift til dimittend ved afslutning af uddannelse (in Danish, NemID required) no later than 14 days after your graduation.

You can postpone applying for benefits for up to 2 years after graduation. This may not necessarily put you at a disadvantage if you wish to apply for benefits later.

You can claim Danish benefits for up to 3 months while you look for work in another EEA country. Read more about benefits while staying abroad here.



Postponing your expected graduation date

If you are a CA member and know that, your graduation date will be postponed later than the date you have informed us about you need to let us know.

Use this form to inform us about your expected graduation date. 
(Danish, requires NemID)

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