How to register as unemployed and apply for benefits

You must register as unemployed with your local jobcenter as well as CA on your first day of unemployment.

Register as unemployed with your jobcenter

You cannot claim benefits until the day you register as unemployed with the jobcenter. 

On your first day of unemployment, you must therefore report to your jobcenter. You can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Register as unemployed via, the job centre website. Remember to keep the receipt as this is your only documentation in case the electronic system fails
  2. Report in person to the jobcenter. The address can be found on

Send your unemployment statement and other information

When you become unemployed, you must send us an unemployment statement. This may be done via CA's online self-service (in Danish, NemID required).

I some cases you need to fill in several statements, for example if you have been absent, run your own business, or you participate in education. If you are in doubt please contact us for further information / 3314 9045

Ordering NemID

For online submission of forms, you must use NemID. If you do not yet have NemID, it can be ordered here.

CA’s self-service must be used to fill in the benefit form every month and to fill in and upload the necessary documents for the introductory meeting after 3 weeks. We recommend that you order your NemID immediately, as it may take up to 10 weekdays before you receive the keycard and a temporary password. 

If you do not have access to printing or submitting forms online

If you have no way of printing out the forms from our website and do not yet have NemID, or you need to use a form that cannot be submitted via CA's self-service, please call us at 3314 9045. We will then send you the given form by local postal service.
Please note that it takes time to process your paperwork. You should therefore send them to us as soon as possible, so we can start processing them.


Relevant forms

Here You can find the forms You'll need if You become unemployed. 

Please note: Both forms are in Danish.