If you become unemployed

How to register as unemployed and receive benefits. How much can I claim in benefits – and for how long? What should I take note of when I become unemployed?

For most people a completely new world of rules and obligations opens up to them when they become unemployed.  Here you will get an overview of what to do should you become unemployed.

The first things to do if you become unemployed are:

  1. Sign up as unemployed at www.jobnet.dk
    Note: You can receive benefits from the day you sign up at the jobcenter at the earliest.
  2. Apply for unemployment benefits from CA by filling in and sending us a Statement of Unemployment (“ledighedserklæring” in Danish). This is done through our online self-service (in Danish).
  3. In order to receive benefits you must be available to the labor market and be actively seeking employment. Here you can learn about the terms you must live up to (PDF).
  4. Each month you must fill in and send us a benefit form ("dagpengekort" in Danish).
    Here you can learn when and how to send in the benefit form - and what information you must include.
  5. After signing up as unemployed at www.jobnet.dk, you will be invited to a mandatory CV meeting in CA.  
    Before the meeting you must fill in a Job Search Strategy ("jobsøgningsstrategi" in Danish) using CA's online self-service (in Danish).

Earning benefit rights

In order to be entitled to benefits, you must have been a member of an unemployment fund for at least a year. There is also a requirement for a certain income.

How to register as unemployed and apply for benefits

You must register as unemployed with your local jobcenter as well as CA on your first day of unemployment.

How long can I receive benefits?

You can claim benefits for up to 2 years, with a possibility to prolong, if you become unemployed. However, this requires that you meet the basic requirements for receiving benefits.

How much do I get in benefits?

How much you can claim in benefits depends on your situation before you became unemployed. However, the maximum payout is DKK 19,322 per month

Finishing your studies soon?

To avoid unpleasant surprises on graduating, you should be aware of a number of rules. Most importantly, you must inform CA no later than 14 days after receiving your last grade. 

Relevant forms

Here You can find the forms You'll need if You become unemployed. 

Please note: All forms are in Danish.