Job searching while unemployed

Here you will learn more about what to watch out for when you are unemployed, and the way things work. Here you will also find all the forms you need to complete along the way towards a new job. 

When you register with the Jobcenter as unemployed, we must call your for a CV meeting within 14 days, unless you already attended one in the previous 3 months. Following the first meeting, you will be called for a number of meetings with the Jobcenter and CA. The emails calling you to the meetings will tell you what to do before we meet.

Before the CV meeting

  • Make a draft for your Job Search Strategy ("jobsøgningsstrategi") in CA’s self-service 
  • Complete your CV (filling in all items)
  • Fill in the joblog by registering the jobs you have applied for from your first day of unemployment
  • Attach an application and your CV to one of your joblogs on (do not send it to CA)
  • Read Worth Knowing (PDF)  so that you are well informed about the rules and your rights and opportunities as a benefit claimant.

Before the availability meeting

You should be aware that before the meeting, you must have:

  • Updated your joblog with your job search activities every week. You must have registered the number of job applications we agreed in the last meeting 
  • Uploaded two applications for every month
  • Updated your CV whenever you gain new qualifications, take a new course, etc.

The meeting can take place over the phone if you will be starting work or taking parental leave within the next 6 weeks or if you are in activation, in a wage subsidy job or doing an internship. Please choose the meeting type 'telefonisk rådighedssamtale' when booking the meeting.


Job search archive

See all the various documents and forms you have completed in the past. You can likewise see the agreements about job searching you have made with CA's counsellors.

Please note: You won’t find your job search form here, as it is an active document under continuous update. The archive is in Danish and you will need to use your NemID.

Book CV meeting / availability meeting

Here you can book meetings in person as well as over the phone.

Please note: The booking process is in Danish and you will need to use your NemID.

Read more about availability and job search

Here you will find more detailed information about the requirements that you must meet in order to be consideres as vailable to the labour marketreceive and eligeble to receive unemployment benefits.

Take advantage of our services

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