Membership fees

For 2019, CA’s basic membership fee is 1,467 kr. per quarter, or DKK 489,- per month. per month, payable in advance quarterly instalments. Most of the membership fee goes directly to The State of Denmark.

The quarterly contribution for the early retirement scheme in 2019 is 1,524 kr. The basic membership fee and the early retirement contribution are both tax-deductible. Your payments are automatically reported to the tax authorities.

Membership fees for members with benefit rights


Full-time, no early retirement contribution


Part-time*, no early retirement contribution


Full-time, with early retirement contribution


Part-time*, with early retirement contribution



The membership fee broken down


State taxes


ATP (wage earners' supplementary pension)


Administrative contribution to CA unemployment fund


Early retirement contribution, state tax (optional)





Student membership fee   
Under 30 years FREE**
Special requirements apply to free student membership for the over-30 Click here for more information

** Free membership is limited to 5 years.

Membership fee for members on early retirement


Full-time, on early retirement


Part-time, on early retirement



Membership fee for senior members


For members over 65 years



Paying the membership fee

We encourage you to register your membership fee with a payment service. The fee may also be paid into our bank account, reg. no. 5010 – account no. 112 9042. Please state your CPR or membership number.

Tax reporting

Your membership and early retirement payments are automatically reported to the tax authorities. Both contributions are tax-deductible.

* Part-time membership

Part-time membership is an option for members who are no longer able, or do not wish, to be available for full-time work (37 hours per week). Under part-time membership, you must apply for jobs of up 30 hours per week, and you are entitled to claim up to DKK 12,577 per month in benefits. Under full-time membership, you must seek full-time jobs (37 hours per week) and your monthly benefit entitlement is up to DKK 18,866 per month

If you work more than 30 hours per week, you are required to have full-time membership. If you work 30 hours or less, you can continue with full-time membership, or you may change to part-time membership.

If you wish to change insurance category, you must do so in writing. Email us at


FAQ about the membership fee

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about the membership fee.