Parental leave when unemployed

As a parent, you are entitled to parental leave even if you are unemployed.

As the mother of the child, you are entitled to parental leave for 4 weeks before expected delivery and for up to 2 years following the birth.

As the father of the child, you can take 2 weeks’ parental leave in direct connection with the birth of the child. Please contact Udbetaling Danmark for further information.

32-week parental leave for sharing

Once the child is 14 weeks old, the mother and the father become entitled to 32 weeks’ parental leave with full benefits. You can divide the time among yourselves as you wish.

You can choose to take leave at the same time or one after another. For further information regarding parental leave, go to

Parental benefits

During parental leave you receive benefits from Udbetaling Danmark at the same rate as your benefits from CA unemployment fund. However, if you go directly from work to parental leave, or if you work reduced hours, you should be aware that the rate may be lower than your unemployment benefit rate. For example, if you work 30 hours per week, you will receive 30/37 of the maximum rate.

Application procedure for parental leave 

If you are not unemployed, your employer must complete the DP400a form and send it to Udbetaling Danmark.

Informing the jobcenter and CA

If you are unemployed, you must contact CA and your jobcenter before going on parental leave. Your jobcenter will deregister you as unemployed, and as soon as we are informed of your parental leave, we will electronically inform Udbetaling Danmark. On receiving the information, Udbetaling Danmark will forward it to you for your confirmation.

After parental leave

If you are unemployed when your parental leave is over, you must register as unemployed on and send CA a copy of your last payment specification from Udbetaling Danmark. To be entitled to benefits, you must furthermore have provided for childcare and be available to the labour market.