Requirements for student membership

To become a student member of CA, you first need to be admitted as a wage earner and then be exempted from the membership contribution.

In practical terms, you apply for both at the same time by going to the online registration and apply for free student membership. The maximum period of exemption from the membership contribution is 5 years.

A number of legal requirements apply before you can become a free student member. (The requirements are the same in all unemployment funds.) When registering, one of the things you must do is therefore to confirm that you fulfil the following conditions:

If under 30, you must be able to confirm the following three points:

  • I follow an education programme that takes at least 18 months and is equivalent to 90 ECTS points
  • I resided and was present in Denmark immediately before beginning my studies
  • My income (including SU) does not exceed DKK 231,864 (2021 figure)

NB! The free student membership of an unemployment fund cannot go beyond 5 years (according to Danish law). 

If 30 years or older, you meet tougher requirements and must also be able to confirm these two points:

  1. I will contribute to the early retirement scheme over the entire period of exemption from the membership contribution
  2. I have either worked 1924 hours during a membership period within the last 3 years before I began studying or I have previously claimed unemployment benefits as a wage earner

Please note that you must be registered and start contributing to the early retirement scheme no later than on your 30th birthday. We recommend that you contact us to learn more about your options.

If you meet the two latter requirements when you reach 30 years of age, you can be exempted from the membership contribution and thus become a free student member. However, you will need to contribute to the early retirement scheme at the same time.

However, the early retirement contribution may be considered savings, which you may later choose to have transferred to a pension scheme, or similar.

Read more about the free student membership of CA Career Partner and Unemployment Fund >

If you don't meet the requirements for free student membership

If your situation does not entitle you to immediately become a free student member, we are happy to be able to offer you other possibilities of joining CA.

If you turn 30 before graduating

If you have been a member for at least a year before graduation, you will be entitled to claim unemployment benefits from the day after you complete your studies. This gives you an extra month with unemployment benefits if you should have no job at the time.

When you follow a SU-certified programme, you can apply for exemption from the administrative contribution to CA, so that your total monthly membership contribution will be 368 kr. per month. Moreover, you may choose part-time insurance and thus reduce your total monthly membership contribution to 245 kr. per month. Please note that the membership contribution is paid every quarter. Contact us for further advice at 3314 9045 or on if you are interested in this type of membership. 

If you are already a member of CA, you can apply using NemID via this link: Ansøgning om fritagelse af betaling af administrationsbidrag. (Application for exemption from the administrative contribution - The form is in Danish)

If you choose this option, you will still need to inform us when you have completed your last exam.

Join as a new graduate

If for some reason you failed to join CA as a student member, you can join us when you complete your education. You will have a one-month waiting period (Danish: karens), in which you are not entitled to unemployment benefits or other benefits. CA’s other membership services are yours to use from the first day of membership.

To join as a new graduate, you must register no later than 14 days after completing your education. You will profit from an early registration up to 3 months before graduation. If you register early, you must notify us about your graduation NO LATER THAN 14 DAYS after your last exam. 


Join CA

Become a CA student member for free and take advantage of our many services.


Going back to school?

If you're a paying member of CA you can apply to be exempt from paying the membership fees if you meet the requirements for student membership.

Click here to apply to be exempt from paying membership fees (NemID required - The form is in Danish). Your change in membership status will take effect on the day we receive your application, but no earlier than the day you started your education.