Sickness and parental leave as self-employed

If you are fully or partly unemployed, we ask you to inform us if you become ill or take parental leave. Apart from this, you must inform the Danish Business Authority (Virk) or Udbetaling Danmark.


Please contact Udbetaling Danmark on 7012 2032 for questions about self-employment and sickness.

As a self-employed person you are entitled to sickness benefits only after 14 days of sickness. You can, however, take out insurance to become eligible for sickness benefits, either from the first day or the third day of sickness. This insurance can be taken out using Virk Indberet (information in Danish).

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If you are fully or partly unemployed, go to Jobnet to report sickness absence. You will automatically be deregistered from Jobnet when you have been sick for 14 days. 

If you are unemployed when you are well again, you must renew your registration as unemployed on Jobnet and submit an unemployment statement (in Danish, NemID required) to CA.


Parental leave

Please contact the Danish Business Authority on (in Danish) for questions about parental leave for self-employed persons. 

The amount you receive in parental leave benefits as self-employed is calculated on the basis of the profits from your business. If your business generates no or very low profits, you may consider taking out insurance to ensure that you receive at least two thirds of the maximum rate of parental leave benefits. This is done on Virk Indberet (information in Danish). 

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Unemployed? Contact CA unemployment fund

If you are fully or partly unemployed as your parental leave is approaching, you must notify CA that you are taking parental leave.

If you are unemployed when your parental leave is over, you must submit a unemployment statement (in Danish, NemID required) to CA, with a copy of your last payment specification from Udbetaling Danmark.

To be entitled to benefits, you must also secure that your child can be cared for (pasningsmulighed), and you must be available for the labour market.


Contact CA's specialists in benefit rights for the self-employed

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