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Take out private insurance on your car, home contents, house, accidents and more, with good coverage at attractive prices in collaboration with Gjensidige Insurance.

A dedicated CA insurance team at Gjensidige is ready to offer you great service, speedy handling of claims and competent counselling – at competitive prices, of course! Get a no-obligation insurance check and find out if you can get it cheaper or better with us.

Gjensidige offers insurance for the whole family: home contents, house, car, accident, travel, etc. Read more about Gjensidige insurance and receive advice on damage and prevention at our insurance corner.

NOTE: If you are a student, please note that “study insurance” is not part of Gjensidige’s product range. Instead please read more about our CA Study Insurance here (in Danish).

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NEW! If your house or your home contents are insured with Gjensidige Insurance via CA, you can now request a “Safety Check” of your home at no extra charge, during which Verisure safety consultants will assess the risk of fire, burglary and water damage. Gjensidige customers also qualify for a discount on Verisure alarms. 

After the Safety Check, you will receive recommendations for damage prevention and, if relevant, an offer for burglary protection. Please ask for a safety check by emailing Gjensidige at forsikring@gjensidige.dk.

About Gjensidige

Gjensidige is one of Scandinavia’s 4 largest general insurance companies and is listed on the Oslo stock exchange. With some 500 employees, Gjensidige is Denmark’s 5th largest insurance company. Service and quality are keywords for Gjensidige, which works determinedly on keeping its customers the most satisfied in the industry.

Special enrolment rules apply for customers that are registered with Experian (formerly RKI) or another debt register, as well as for customers who are in arrears with another company, insolvent or undergoing insolvency proceedings.


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