Successful performance at the job interview – video course

On this page you'll find all the materials for the video course.

In this course you'll learn how to perform in a job interview so that you increase the odds of landing the job. It’s all about how you can use your time in the interview wisely by being prepared and having a good mindset. 

We go over the recruitment process, trends and tests. We talk about how you can settle your nerves and how to prepare a powerful personal pitch. We give tips for preparation, including conversational and sales strategies, typical questions you'll face in an interview, how to prepare success stories and how to effectively use your body language so you appear confident and leave the right impression. 

Expected time to complete the course:

This course consists of videos and exercises and it will probably take you 1½-2 hours to complete it. 

Materials for preparation of job interviews:

It will probably take you 1½-2 hours to complete this course. 

Additional support from CA:

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