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Unsolicited job search – Course materials

On this page you'll find all the materials for the video course.

Do you want to find your way to the many job opportunities that are not posted in job ads? Do you want to know how to contact potential employers and convince them that they need you? In this video course we help you understand your options and decide on your own approach to unsolicited job search. 

Expected time to complete the course:

This course consists of a series of videos with all the information and advice you’ll need and a structured process of 5 steps that will help you apply your learning to your own situation. It will probably take you 1½-3 hours to complete it. 


Network mapping exercise - download here


General support from CA

You are always welcome to use all of CA’s services:

For example:

  • Job cafés on Mondays in all CA offices
  • “The job is yours” booklet