While you are unemployed

In this section, you will find information about what requirements you will need to meet in order to receive benefits when you are unemployed. You can also read about what opportunities are available to you while unemployed.

Note! To be entitled to benefits you must be available for potential employers and you must actively look for a job. A number of requirements must be met for you to be considered available. Learn more by reading "Worth Knowing - when you are unemployed".

How benefits are paid out

For every day of the month – Saturdays and Sundays included – you must enter information on the benefit form about work, income from employment, sickness, holidays, inavailability and anything else affecting your benefit payout.

Availability and job search

As an unemployed person you must be actively searching for a job and you must be available to the job market. Also you have a duty to take part in a series of meeting with your unemployment fund and the jobcenter.

Working part-time while unemployed

When you are unemployed, deductions are made from the benefits for work, income, holidays, sickness, etc. 

Voluntary unpaid work

Any work will result in the deduction of benefits – whether or not you are paid. However, some types of voluntary work do not entail benefit deductions.

Education while unemployed

Within certain limits, you can participate in courses and education to improve your qualifications and thereby your chances of returning to the labour market.

Staying abroad

To receive benefits, it is a condition that you have residence in Denmark. But under certain conditions you can receive benefits while you are abroad. If you find a job abroad, you should also take note of the consequences of changing unemployment fund.


If you become ill, you must call in sick on jobnet.dk. While you are ill, you can either claim unemployement benefits from CA or sickness benefits from your municipality. 

Parental leave

As a parent, you are entitled to parental leave. Read more about the rules for parental leave and benefits as an unemployed person.

Deductions to your benefits (in Danish)

When you are unemployed there will be deductions made to your benefits if and when you work, have income, take time off for a holiday, get sick etc.

Self-employed (in Danish)

You can get supplementary benefits while being self-employed if you own your business as a seconday occupation and only work hours outside of normal working hours.

Activation, paid company internships and wage subsidised jobs (in Danish)

After being unemployed for a while you have a righ and duty to take part in an activation plan. For instance education, a paid company internship or a wage subsidised job.

Relevant forms

Here you can find the forms you'll need while you're unemployed. 

Please note: All forms are in Danish.

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