Your financial security as self-employed

Are you aware of the conditions that can affect your benefit rights? Our experts on benefit rules for the self-employed are ready to answer your questions.

Benefit rules change as political initiatives and decisions are taken. That is why we advise you to keep updated on the rules affecting your benefit rights as a freelancer or self-employed. 

When is work considered running your own business?

Learn more about when your work is considered as self-employment, and when it is considered paid work.

Benefits when closing down your business

Learn more about the situations in which you need to close your business to gain benefit rights, and what documentation of termination we need from you.

How to fulfil the benefit requirements

Learn more about work income requirements over the last years in order to gain benefit rights.

Running your own business as unemployed

There are good possibilities for running your own business while you are unemployed. But there are also pitfalls. Learn more about your options if you are planning to run your own business.

Sickness and parental leave

If you are unemployed, please contact us in case of sickness or parental leave. You also need to contact VIRK or Udbetaling Danmark. 

How much are the benefits?

Your monthly benefit rate depends on your work income before you became unemployed. Learn more here.

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