The Benefit Rules

As a member of CA Unemployment Fund you are entitled to benefits while you are unemployed. Learn more about your possibilities, obligations and rights as unemployed. CA also helps you optimize your job search activities.

NB: Because of the COVID-19_crisis you don´t have to meet the regular requirements for availability for the job market for now. Read more

If you become unemployed

Learn about registering as unemployed and claiming benefits, benefit rates and what you need to take note of.

While you are unemployed

Understand the benefit rules and your obligations as unemployed. Here you will also find the forms you need to fill in and send to us.

Staying abroad

In general, you can receive benefits only when staying in Denmark. There are, however, certain conditions in which you can claim benefits from abroad.

New graduate and unemployed

You can apply for benefits as a new graduate. Your benefit rights depend on membership of an unemployment fund and when you joined. (in Danish)

From self-employed to unemployed

At CA we specialize in the complicated rules on benefits for the self-employed. Click here to learn more about your possibilities.

If your benefit rights expire

What is your position if you run out of benefit rights? Here you can also learn about the rules on extending and earning new benefit rights.

Starting a new job

Get an overview of what you should take note of when going from unemployment to a new job. Here is information on who to contact and what information you must provide in your new situation. (in Danish)

Tools for your job search

CA unemployment fund is also your career partner. We have prepared a whole range of free offers to help you on the way to your next job.