Are you a new graduate? Give your career the best start

As a new graduate, choosing the unemployment fund that can help you as much as possible is vital. CA can help you achieve your career dream, while also acting as a financial security net if you don’t find a job immediately after graduating.

See how much value you can get from your free student membership of CA and CA+

What do you get as a memebr? CA Unemployment Fund CA Unemployment Fund & CA+
Carreer counselling Decorative Decorative
Free courses and workshops Decorative Decorative
Free go home meetings and webinars Decorative Decorative
Free personality profile and IQ test Decorative Decorative
E-books to help in your job search and career Decorative Decorative
Unemployment benefits if you become unempoyed after graduation Decorative Decorative
Help for your job search Decorative Decorative
Discounts from CA's partners Decorative Decorative
CA Income Insurance (add-on) Decorative Decorative
Early retirement Scheme (add-on) Decorative Decorative
CA Legal Support   Decorative
Tools to check your salary   Decorative
Even more deals and discounts   Decorative​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"CA offers great opportunities for
coaching and a personality profile
that made me aware of my strenghts
and weaknesses. The contact with 
CA is very good. The are very 
attentive and motivating."


Mikkel Kofod Madsen
New graduate, Cand.merc.fir.
and a CA-member

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Career counselling

CA’s professional career counsellors can help you define your dream job, write a CV or prepare for an interview.


Legal security with CA+

Do you want both economic and legal security? The combination of CA and CA+ is among the most inexpencive options in the country.


Salary checker

Learn what your starting salary as a new graduate should be. CA's salary checker offers insight in the paygrade for many different positions.

Can you get graduate-rate benefits?

Not all new graduates land a job immediately after graduation. Special rules apply for graduate-rate benefits. It’s vital that you know them while you are still studying. For example, whether you are entitled to benefits immediately after graduation depends on the rules for graduate benefits. 

You can get benefits immediately after completing your studies if you were a free student member of an unemployment fund for at least 12 months before graduation, and in all other respects meet the requirements for student membership.

If you were not a member for 12 months, a one-month waiting period applies. You can get graduate-rate benefits 1 month after completing your education. Remember to observe the 14-day deadline for joining the unemployment fund as a new graduate.


Graduate-rate benefits

The benefit rate normally depends on your income before you became unemployed. Obviously, the rules are different for new graduates. The amount you are paid depends on the rules for graduate-rate benefits. The average rate is currently DKK 13,815 per month per month. Members with dependent children are entitled to DKK 15,844 per month per month. Below, see more about the rules for graduate-rate benefits and membership for new graduates.


Special unemployment fund rules for new graduates

If you are finishing your studies soon

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should be aware of the rules when you graduate. Remember that your bachelor’s degree counts as a separate education, even if you continue studying.


If you continue studying

If you continue you studies at master’s level or another supplementary programme, you should make use of your graduate rights as a student member. This way, you will be able to claim benefits if you do not finish the programme.


If you keep your student job

If you are working during your studies and are a student member, you should take note of the condition for claiming benefits when you are no longer a student.


Avoid the waiting period: remember the 14-day deadline

Whether you have a job or are unemployed when you finish your education, it is vital that you register no later than 14 days after completing your studies. If you miss this deadline, your right to benefits will begin no earlier than after 12 months of membership.


Transferring from student to graduate membership

If you were a student member and would like to use your rights as a new graduate, you must let us know no later than 14 days after you receive your final grade. Please go to CA’s self-service system to change your membership from student to new graduate (in Danish, NemID required).


Transferring to CA is easy

Complete the form
Your membership will be transferred*
You will be notified when the transferral is completed

* If you are a member of another unemployment fund, please state its name on the form. We will transfer your membership and seniority. The speed of the process depends on your present unemployment fund. Any advance payment of membership fees to your present unemployment fund will be returned to your NemKonto.