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DKK per month

More than “just” an unemployment fund

CA is unique in the industry and offers far more than other unemployment funds. Apart from a financial safety net, we see ourselves as your career partner, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of career-boosting offers, whether you are a student, employed or unemployed.

Quality, service and happy members

In surveys, whether focusing on us alone or comparing us with other unemployment funds, CA repeatedly takes top place for member satisfaction. We are grateful for your praise and will continue to do our best to improve our services. 

I received excellent constructive feedback on a level that suited me perfectly, both before I resigned from my old job and throughout the following job hunt.
- Torben Nørskov Jensen, Senior Funds Accountant and Member of CA

Even more offers if you are...


A student

Do you dream of a career in business? Become a free student member of CA and make the dream come true!


A recent graduate

Besides unemployment benefits CA's offers  tools for your job search, help with career planning, wage statistics etc.

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Our competent staff members are ready to talk about your options in Denmark’s best 

Why join CA?

CA is the natural choice for Business Professionals, meaning people working with leadership, project management, economy, finance, IT, HR, communication, marketing, sales, logistics, procurement and consulting (a. o. management consulting, auditing and advertising).

This has been our key target group from day one and therefore we are specialized in their needs and how the job market works for this group in particular.

Undoubtedly this is one of the reasons that CA is rewarded with the highest customer satisfaction every time a benchmark is done in our industry. Another reason is that we offer a lot more services than other 'a-kasser'. Here you can find more information abour our services.

Your return on investment

Your membership fee is DKK 505,- per month, if you have a membership on employee- or graduate-terms. Student membership is free of charge.

The unemployment benefits are DKK 19,322 per month if you have lost your job.

As a graduate the unemployment benefits are DKK 15,844 per month if you have dependent children, and DKK 13,815 per month if you have no dependent children.

When you have worked for at least 3 months after completing your education, a new calculation for a higher benefit rate can be made after 6 months.

If the unemployment benefits aren't enough you can sign up for a supplementary income protection, getting you covered for up 90 % of your salary.


Transferring to CA is easy

Complete the form
Your membership will be transferred*
You will be notified when the transferral is completed

* If you are a member of another unemployment fund, please state its name on the form. We will transfer your membership and seniority. The speed of the process depends on your present unemployment fund. Any advance payment of membership fees to your present unemployment fund will be returned to your NemKonto.