Video course

Career and Competence Clarification

Get a clear overview of your competences and increase your awareness of what motivates you - and what you want to do - going forward in your career.

Most of us benefit from tuning in on ourselves at intervals. To check up on our experiences, values and drivers, in order to see if we are on the right track or need to make career adjustments. This is especially useful in connection with job search, development dialogs at work and career decisions in general. 

The course includes the following topics:

A structured methodology for clarification incl.: 

  • The SODA-model

  • Motivation

  • Values

  • Success stories

  • Skills and competences

  • Goal setting

Expected time to complete the course:

This course consists of a series of videos with all the information and advice you’ll need, and a workbook that takes you through a reflection process to apply that knowledge to your own situation. It will probably take you 2-4 hours to complete it, depending on how far you are in your process when you start.


  • An overview of your competences 

  • Insights into your own motivation and values

  • Tools to help you act on your newly acquired insights

Target group:

The video course is for all CA members and takes place in English. 

Practical information:

Follow this link and you get direct access to all the materials you need (login required). 

Getting started

Follow this link and you get direct access to all the materials you need (login required).