Video course:

Successful performance at the job interview

During our careers, we all experience numerous job interviews. Whether you're a fresh graduate or have many years of experience it's all about spending your time in the interview wisely. So the question is; how can you perform well and make a strong impression that will, ultimately, land you the job?

The course includes the following topics:

  • The process
    • The recruitment process
    • Handling your nerves
    • How to structure your arguments using the Pyramid Principle
  • Preparation
    • Research     
    • Conversational strategy
    • Question and success stories                                        
  • The interview situation
    • Evoking sympathy
    • Sales technique
    • Body language

Learning outcome:

After you see the videos and complete the preparation exercises, you will be in a position to improve your performance at job interviews tremendously. You will know how to turn the odds in your favor and convince the employer that you are the right candidate.

Expected time to complete the course:

This course consists of videos and exercises and it will probably take you 1½-2 hours to complete it. 

Target group:

The seminar is for all CA members who wish to improve their performance in job interviews.

Practical information:

Follow this link and you get direct access to all the materials you need (login required). 

Getting started

Follow this link and you get direct access to all the materials you need (login required).