Course for students:

Excel – Advanced level

You are already familiar with basic usage of MS-Excel, and want to expand your skills. Attending this course, will give you more knowledge about navigation, advanced functions & formulas and pivot tables.

During the course, you will learn further tips and tricks, which makes it easier to navigate in Excel. 

During the course we will be working on

  • Advanced functions and formulas, which makes it easier to work with and process datas in Excel 
  • Creation and use of pivot tables 
  • How working with large numbers of data can be showed graphically by using pivot diagrams
  • How to format spreadsheet cells, which present large numbers of data in a manageable way 

At the end of the course, the teacher will give an introduction in how to use macros and VBA coding in Excel, and how these tools can be used to automate complex commands. 

The course will be a combination of presenting theory and commands and working with different relevant exercises. 

Target Audience

The course in ONLY for students. 

Attendance requires…

  • You have required above average experience in using the Excel toolbox. 
  • You have already joined the CA – course ”Introduction to Excel”, or have required similar knowledge about Excel elsewhere. 
  • You have already showed expertise in using simple functions and formulas in Excel.


You are supposed to bring your own PC or Mac, with Excel installed (version 2010 or newer) 

The teacher will be using the Danish Windows version (ver. 2016).
This doesn’t exclude participants with MAC Lap-Tops or windows users with older versions of Excel than ver. 2016. 

Practical information

During the course, we will serve coffee, tea, water and fruit. The course is free of charge - but we charge a fee of DKK 250 if you fail to attend. You can unsubscribe via the link in the confirmation e-mail you received when signing up. You can also contact CA on e-mail: or call us on 3314 9045 before the course begins.

Target Audience

This course is reserved for students. 

If you are not a student, we recommend you look at our complete course catalogue.

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