Goal Mapping - the key to your personal and professional development

It is time to stop thinking and start pursuing your goals. Goal Mapping is your tool to transform your personal and professional dreams into achievable goals.

Goal Mapping is a simple technique used by successful athletes, business people and companies worldwide. It helps you activate both sides of your brain to create the reality you want in your career or your private life.

The purpose of the workshop is to

  • Help you understand the importance of goal-setting
  • Empower your personal beliefs
  • Learn how to condition your subconscious mind for success
  • Provide an effective goal-setting tool
  • Maximize the potential of your skills in order to grow and change

By using Goal Mapping, you will get a clear picture of what steps to take in order to create your reality, set a goal, change a habit, and get more out of your life. During the workshop, we will provide tools for creating your Goal Map (colored pencil, Goal Mapping template). Join the workshop and learn how to steer your life towards your ambitions and goals.

You will learn

  • The benefits of positive thinking
  • The power of subconscious mind
  • The DAC factor
  • To raise your awareness and learn its effects on your performance
  • To develop consciousness about your possibilities and release your potential
  • To create your own personal goal map

Target Audience

The workshop is conducted in English and it is available for all CA members.


This course is taught by CA's career counsellors.

Practical Information

During the workshop, we will serve coffee, tea, water and sandwiches. The workshop is free of charge, but we charge a fee of DKK 250 if you fail to attend. You can unsubscribe via the link in the confirmation e-mail you received when signing up. You can also contact CA on e-mail: or call us on 3314 9045 before the workshop begins.

Please note: Due to Corona virus CA will not be offering any courses that requires physical attendance during 2020.

We recommend our video courses and webinars instead.


The course is FREE of charge and reserved for members of CA.

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