It is okay to fail

Shortcuts to a calmer workday.


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10. March 2020
CA Aarhus, Hans Hartvig Seedorffs Stræde 6-8, 4. sal, 8000 Aarhus C


The seminar will focus on how to find the roots of the problem that causes fear, how you can cope with it, and how you can fix it.

According to the speaker, Ioana Opris, fear is what we base our decisions on, conscious or not. Stress and anxiety comes from the fear instinct - the instinct that also helps us to survive.
Ioana believes that you can cope with fear of uncertainty by applying the entrepreneurial mindset of creating ‘incremental strategies’ for your personal and professional life.

She will focus on, how to:
• get to the root of what causes stress and anxiety.
• apply the entrepreneurial ‘incremental strategy’ to solve the problems.
• create a clear visualization of the process.
• reflect on your process (‘Build-Measure-Learn’) without blaming and punishing yourself for mistakes.
• apply the entrepreneurial mindset in your everyday actions.

The target group
The target group is people in need for a change, entrepreneurship enthusiasts and students. The common trait of the target group is the fear of failure.

The speaker
Ioana Opris arrived to Denmark 6 years ago by chance after being lost and broke by hopping on a train in Europe that ended up in Aarhus. She earned money for her first meal in Denmark in a poker game and lived rough for a while working day jobs and searching for stable work. Later on she finished a bachelor’s degree in innovation and entrepreneurship, launched her career as a singer/songwriter and started a successful start-up called ‘It’s OK to Fail’ - a motivational concept based on the fear of failure.

Ioana’s story is about moving forward and realizing that a journey into the unknown can help you discover your purpose. Moreover, she discovered that pursuing her passion helps her to contribute to society in a much better way.