How to find your next job in Scandinavia

Nordisk Jobløsning will this Friday morning visit CA. Join for a cup of coffee and get inspired and learn about new opportunities in Scandinavia


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13. March 2020
CA Gentofte, Smakkedalen 2, 2820 Gentofte


”Do you find it difficult to enter the Danish labor market? Do you experience repetitive rejections of your applications?
Then it may be worth considering looking towards Norway and Sweden for your next job! Nordisk Jobløsning helps you find posted positions and puts you in touch with employers and other stakeholders that may be relevant to you in your job search. Through this, we have helped more than 1300 people in jobs through our network over the last 3 years.

Once you get a job, we also help with all practical details such as tax rules, social security numbers and insurance. In addition, we help find housing for you and your family and help you settle down.
So if you – free of any charge – would like to hear about the job opportunities and how we can help you find your next job in in Norway and Sweden then come over for a cup of coffee and get valuable input that helps you find your next dream job that matches your qualifications!”

We will start out with a brief general presentation and afterwards you will have the possibility to talk to Nordisk jobløsning about how they can help you.