Excel - Intro to Financial Functions

This course is just the thing, if you have little experience using Microsoft Excel, or if you only have limited knowledge about Excel and want to advance your level within financial functions.


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09. March 2021
CA Webinar


Content at the course
During this webinar, you will get practical advice and tricks on how to easier navigate in Excel.
You will learn smart functions and work with related exercises. Topics includes:
• Simple functions - to make Excel easier
• Conditional functions - when specific values have to be fulfilled
• Lookup functions – to search for specific values in the dataset
• Advanced functions and formulas – when simple functions are not enough
• Financial functions – when you need proper formulas to make decisions, such as PV, FV, NPV, PMT, etc.
The webinar will be divided into two parts, whereas the first part will be a practical walk-through of different formulas, and second part will be an optional exercise session.

Target audience
The webinar is for all business students who wish to get better acquainted with Excel and some financial functions. It is however a prerequisite that you have used Excel before and want to learn more about the possibility Excel holds.
Prerequisites for attending the course
It is expected that you have:

• A basic knowledge about Excel and can navigate comfortable in an Excel-spreadsheet
• A basic know-how of working with numbers and cells in Excel

On the day of the course, you will be able to download the teaching material in class.
You have to bring your own laptop (PC or Mac) with MS Excel installed (version 2010 or newer).
The teacher will be using a Mac laptop with an English version of MS Excel installed (Microsoft Excel 365)

The teachers are M.Sc. students from Copenhagen Business School

Practical information
The webinar is held via Adobeconnect. You get the best experience if you install the Adobeconnect application on your PC.
You will receive a reminder e-mail with a link to the webinar two hours before the webinar begins. Please note that this email may end up in your spam filter.
Please log on in 5 -10 min. before the webinar starts to check sound and technique.
Register as a guest using both first name and last name. Use headsets for a better experience.