New unemployment benefits rules from 2017

Important changes to benefit rules 1 July 2017

Note in particular:

  • The possibility to prolong your benefit period
  • Benefits are paid for whole calendar months
  • Benefit rights are based on income rather than hours if you haven't received benefits previously

Here's more about the most important changes:


Earning benefit rights from 1 July 2017

In order to be entitled to benefits, you must have been a member of an unemployment fund for at least a year. There is also a requirement for either a certain income or a certain number of worked hours, depending on your situation.

How much do I get in benefits?

How much you can claim in benefits depends on your situation before you became unemployed. However, the maximum payout is DKK 18,633 per month.

How long can I receive benefits?

You can claim benefits for up to 2 years, with a possibility to prolong, if you become unemployed. However, this requires that you meet the basic requirements for receiving benefits – including being available for the labour market.

How benefits are paid out

To claim benefits, you must fill in a benefit form every month. 

Working part-time while unemployed

When you are unemployed, deductions are made from the benefits for work, income, holidays, sickness, etc. 

Digital overview

From August 2017, will offer more information about benefits and benefit rights. For example, you can see how many hours you can prolong your benefit period by in case of continued unemployment.

Flyer about the new rules