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CA offices are closed due to COVID-19. Please write or call us. If you are unemployed: No job search and activation required.Check your contact informations - login here.

Your obligations and rights as unemployed during the corona crisis

19 march 2020

Dansk version

Because of the COVID-19 crisis you don´t have to meet the regular requirements for availability for the job market for now.

As part of the shutdown of the public administration in Denmark, the job centers are also closed, all planned activities are on hold.

The corona crisis has led to a total close-down of the Danish job market. Jobcenters and Danish employment efforts have also come to a complete standstill. A number of special measures have been taken to soften the consequences for our unemployed members during the corona crisis. 

No job searching or meetings for unemployed

All obligations for unemployed members and all offers of activation, wage subsidy and company internship are suspended up to and including 30 March 2020, or until new guidelines are given by the authorities.

For you who are unemployed, this means:

  • You are no longer obliged to participate in meetings and interviews at either CA or Jobcenters.
  • You are no longer obliged to apply for work or be available for the labour market.
  • You will no longer receive offers of activation, wage subsidy or company internships.
  • You are no longer obliged to appear at work if you are in a company internship or similar.
  • Jobcenters and unemployment funds will not sanction you for failing to appear at meetings or lack of availability.

However, CA will continue to invite you to CV interviews and availability assessment meetings as usual. But it is entirely up to you whether you want to appear.

Benefit payments continue as usual

You will continue to receive unemployment benefits, sickness benefits, holiday benefits or early retirement benefits as usual. You must therefore remember to fill in and submit your benefit form via our self-service as usual.

Newly unemployed members can apply for benefits

If you are a member and become unemployed in the coming time, you can still register as unemployed on and apply for benefits. You can continue to contact the Jobcenter for complaints, etc. Note that normal deadlines for complaints, etc., are suspended.

Voluntary work while you are unemployed

Are you unemployed and would like to help out as a volunteer? You should be aware that all work, whether paid or unpaid, will generally lead to deduction in your benefits.

In certain situations, however, you can work as a volunteer without deduction of hours in your benefit calculation. Voluntary work with for example Red Cross corona help network will not result in benefit deductions. Learn more about unpaid voluntary work (sorry, it is in danish)

Your benefit rights are extended by 3 months

The corona crisis means that can you receive unemployment benefits or sickness benefits for 3 more months, because the benefits counter is put on hold for the period starting 9 March until 9 June 2020.

If you resigned your membership on 9 March 2020 or later because your benefits period expired, you can join CA again and receive benefits for the period 9 March to 9 June 2020.

We regret that there is no possibility of extending your benefit rights if they expired before 9 March 2020. 

Sent home from a wage subsidy job

You can apply for benefits if you are in a wage subsidized job and have been sent home because the company is closed as a result of the corona crisis or similar. Please note that the wage subsidy job must be formally discontinued by the company according to agreement with the Jobcenter. 

You can get benefits if you are stranded abroad 

Are you on holiday abroad and unable to return home because of the covid-19 situation? Then you can get benefits if the following conditions apply to you:

  • You were unemployed before you left Denmark. 
  • You must be able to document that you are unable to return to Denmark on the day stated in your holiday benefits application.
  • The period in which you receive benefits while stranded abroad will be deducted from your overall benefits period.

If you are taking holiday abroad with holiday pay from an employer, you are also entitled to unemployment benefits from the day after the end of your planned holiday.