5 things you must be aware of if you want to apply for benefits

1. Register as unemployed on the first day of unemployment

Register as unemployed on Jobnet.dk if you want to be able to apply for benefits.

The earliest day you can get benefits is the day when you register as unemployed at jobnet.dk.

How to register as unemployed

2. When can you begin to receive benefits?

As a new graduate, you are eligible for benefits right away if you have been a student member for at least a year.

If you have been a member for less than a year, you will not be entitled to benefits until one month after the end of your studies.

But The benefits are paid out on the last weekday of every month. 

3. Your student job may have consequences for your benefits

As a new graduate you can continue working in the job you had as a student or in a part-time job if you meet the conditions for getting supplementary benefits.

If you do not wish to continue working in your student job after you’ve graduated, you must have quit your job and be completely out of the employment relationship at the latest on the day before you end your studies.

If you quit your job at a later date, you’ll be subject to a suspension period for self-inflicted unemployment. That means that you will not get benefits for the first 111 hours you’re unemployed. That corresponds to benefits for three whole weeks.

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4. Selfemployment can affect your benefits

If you are selvemployed you must be aware of wich rules apply, if you want to continue your selfemployment while recieiving benefits. In most cases you can continue if certain rules for selfemployment are followed. 

5. If you have studied abroad you need to come back to Danmark within 14 days after graduation

If you have stayed abroad during your studies and need to apply for benefits, you must live and stay in Denmark within 14 days of the end of your studies.

The benefit rate you receive as an unemployed new graduate depends on whether or not you are a parent with dependent children.

If you are a parent with dependent children you will receive 82% of max benefits: 15.868 DKK pr. month - before taxes.

If you are not a parent with dependent children, you will receive 71,5% of max benefits: 13.836 DKK pr. month - before taxes.

You may be entitled to a higher benefit rate after six months if you have had an income for at least three months after the end of your studies. 

If you have received the state educational grant (SU) in the month you complete your studies, it will not affect your right to benefits.