Unemployment & Benefits

Your options, rights and obligations while unemployed

Read about what you can do, may do and must do as an unemployed person. You can claim benefits and get help from CA to optimize your job hunt.

If you become unemployed

How to register as unemployed and receive benefits. How much can I claim in benefits – and for how long? What should I take note of when I become unemployed?

While you are unemployed

As an unemployed person, you must seek jobs, be available to the labour market and follow the benefit rules. Read also about your options with regard to education, work and self-employment.

If your benefit rights expire

If your benefit rights have lapsed, a senior job or cash benefit (‘kontanthjælp’) may be available. Learn how you can earn the right to a new benefit period.

Let CA help you find the job

Use CA whether you are unemployed, have been given notice or are in work. Take part in courses and career counselling or use the Job café.


Read about your holiday benefits and holiday allowance options – while you are unemployed, and when you are back in work again.

Benefits and rates

Read about the benefit rates here – and other payment rates that came into force on Wednesday 1 January 2020.

Residence requirement

If you stayed abroad for more than 5 years within the last 12 years –– or are planning to do so –– you may be left without any unemployment benefits. 



Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Worth Knowing folder - an easy-to-read guide to the complexities of the benefit rules.

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