Employee – with a career on the move

CA specialize in counselling business people like you who work in communication, finance, marketing, management, HR or similar. Even if you are temporarily out of a job, you will be financially secure. We are also your career partner, helping you develop in your current job and throughout your career.

Get an overview of your possibilities

This page introduces you to some of the situations you’ll encounter. We also advise you to take a closer look at our many services – for instance, career counselling, tests, courses and similar.

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Our competent staff members are ready to talk about your options in Denmarks's best unemployment fund. 

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Laid off?

From the moment you are laid off, CA can help you. This also applies if your contract gives you a longer-term of notice with pay. (In Danish)


Holiday and holiday benefits

Get an overview of the holiday rules here. You can also familiarize yourself with the new holiday regulations and learn more about holiday benefits.


Career counselling

As a CA member, you have access to free career coaching and counselling. Our job and career coaches are ready to help you boost your career.



Get an overview of the many relevant services for CA members, including Legal Support, Income Protection, courses, events and much more.


CA Legal Support

CA Legal Support gives you access to professional help on a range of issues, including contracts, exclusion clauses and layoffs. CA Legal Support is a part of CA+.


CA Income Protection

With CA Income Protection you become entitled to a supplement to you benefits if you lose your job. It’s up to you to decide on the extent of financial security.



CA+ offers you extra advantages such as legal security and professional competence development, including legal support, courses and wage statistics.


Letters from CA

Here’s an overview of letters and documents sent to you from CA, such as calls for meetings and benefit statements. (In Danish, requires login)

Want to know more?

Our competent staff members are ready to talk about your options in DK's best unemployment fund. 


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Get the backing of a specialized career partner and unemployment fund.

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