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CA  is an unemployment fund ('a-kasse' in Danish) which can provide you with unemployment benefits.

When you join (become a member of) CA, you are guaranteed an amount of regular income if you become unemployed. So we can give you time to look for the right job, pay your bills – and in fact help you to find a job. Cause beside the financial security CA is also a Career Partner that provides you with a wide range of services to optimize your career.

CA's services

CA is an unemployment insurance fund for business professionals in Denmark. But we’re not just an unemployment insurance fund. We also help you develop your career.


You are entitled to unemployment benefits if you have been a member for minimum 1 year and have had at least 1 years full time work as an employee while being a member of an “a-kasse”.

About CA

CA can provide you with unemployment benefits, if you lose your job. But we can also offer a wide range of services - free of charge - which can optimize your chances of getting a new job.

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CA has more to offer than other “a-kasser” - and we have the most satisfied customers. CA is the natural choice for Business Professionals.



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New unemployment benefit rules from 2017

2017 has brought important changes to the benefits rules.

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