Reach your goals with career counselling

CA’s career counsellors offer you professional career counselling and job coaching that will help you reach your goals, professionally and personally.

At CA career counselling, we focus on your challenges and needs, because career counselling is about helping you get on in your working life. A meeting with a certified job coach or counsellor can help you formulate a career development plan and guide you while you are looking for a new job. We can also deal with issues such as job satisfaction.

Can career counselling help you go further?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be worth your while to book career counselling with a CA job coach:

  • Are you looking for a new job? 
  • Do you need further development in your present job? 
  • Are you wondering about your competences or unsure of your personal profile?
  • Are you thinking about what type of job suits you best?
  • Do you need to optimize your job applications and CV? 
  • Are you curious how you perform in job interviews?
  • Do you have problems with your co-workers? 
  • Are you having difficulties integrating work, leisure time and family life?
  • Are you a leader who needs to improve your understanding of people’s typical response patterns?

These are some examples of the challenges that CA’s career counsellors and certified job coaches offer members feedback on every day.

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