How to get the job interview

by CA
In this guide, you will get knowledge, tools, and tricks to avoid the most common mistakes in your CV and cover letter. You will also get a model that will help you analyse what is need-to-have and nice-to-have in your CV in order to make it targeted and attractive for an employer.

Learn how to avoid the most common novice mistakes in your CV and cover letter

In a fun and informal way, Career Consultant Carina Christiansen shares the most common mistakes she and her colleagues encounter when helping students and experienced members to their next job. Inside, you’ll also find tips and tricks on how to fix the mistakes and make your application material stand out.


  • The 7 most unfortunate mistakes beginners make when writing their CVs
  • 9 ‘oh-no’ novice mistakes in a cover letter – and how to fix them
  • CV and job application templates that’ll get you a job interview
  • Example of a CV and job application that got the job interview