Release certificate

If your employment contract sets out a termination notice, you can only receive supplementary benefits if your employer signs a release certificate. A termination notice means that you need to give your employer notice that you wish to stop working. Your notice period will be set out in your employment contract or in the collective bargaining agreement applicable to your employment relationship. Remember to submit a copy of your employment contract when you apply for supplementary benefits.

A release certificate is a form in which your employer agrees that you can stop working to start another job with longer hours at a day’s notice despite your contractual notice period.

You must send the release certificate to us so that we receive it within5 weeks after the date when your new employment begins. The day your employment begins is included in the 5-week period. If your new employment begins on a Wednesday, then we must receive the certificate on or before Tuesday 5 weeks later. If we do not receive the certificate in time, you’ll get benefits from the day we receive the certificate at the earliest.

Download the release certificate

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