Suspension period and loss of benefits entitlement

If you are self-inflicted unemployed without having a valid reason, you’ll be subject to a suspension period of 111 hours. This corresponds to 3 weeks of benefits.

This is called suspension period for self-inflicted unemployment.

You’ll be suspended for receiving benefits if you leave your job, turns down a job facilitated by the Jobcenter or if you fail to attend activation or meetings at the Jobcenter or at CA.

You do not receive benefits for the hours you’re suspended. While you’re suspended, you must be registered as unemployed at the Jobcenter and be searching jobs as the suspension is only for a period when you could otherwise have received benefits.

You should always contact us to hear about the consequences before you leave your job or activation.

111-hours suspension

You’ll be suspended for 111 hours if, without valid reason, you:

  • Leave your job voluntarily
  • Turn down a job facilitated by the Jobcenter
  • Turn down or discontinue an offer for activation or re-training
  • Refuse to help prepare or revise a job plan about activation
  • Accept a too short notice of termination.

Loss of benefits entitlement and self-inflicted unemployment

If you’re suspended for self-inflicted unemployment and you leave a job voluntarily again within the next 12 months, you lose your benefits.

Then you cannot get benefits again until you’ve reported:

  • 300 paid hours to the Income Register within a consecutive period of 3 months through monthly reports, or
  • 276 paid hours within a consecutive period of 12 weeks if you are not paid by the month.

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