Uncontrollable work

If your employer has not reported how many paid hours you have worked, but only the income you have earned to the tax authorities' Income Register, your work is called uncontrollable work for purposes of the benefits rules.

This would be the case if you are not paid by the number of hours you work, but if, for instance, a fixed fee has been agreed for a project or an assignment or if you are paid exclusively on a commission basis.

The same would be the case if you receive an amount which is declared as B income.

In those cases, we will convert your income using a conversion factor when calculating the set-off against your unemployment benefits. More specifically, we will divide your earned income by the applicable conversion factor to determine the number of hours by which your benefits will be reduced.

This year, the conversion factor is DKK 277.76. This means that for each DKK 277.76 earned, your benefits will be reduced by one hour.