Waiting period

If you cease to be self-employed, you will only be eligible to receive benefits after expiry of a so-called waiting period. For purposes of the waiting period, time begins to run the day after your self-employment ends. 

You’ll not be subject to a waiting period if your secondary occupation ends.

The waiting period is usually 3 weeks, but may also be 1 week if your self-employment ends because of bankruptcy or a forced sale.

The waiting period should not be confused with the suspension period. You are suspended if you leave your job voluntarily. There is no requirement that you must be available during the waiting period, and you will therefore not be required to register as unemployed with the Jobcenter until after the waiting period.

If your self-employment ends by way of a solemn declaration, the waiting period is 2 months. If you send us a certificate of termination, you will be entitled to benefits the day after you deregister your business from the Central Business Register. However, a minimum waiting period of 3 weeks applies from the day we receive your solemn declaration.

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