CA Legal Support for self-employed persons

Are you a CA member? Then you can get access to CA Legal Support for DKK 55,- per month and spend less time on legal matters and more time on your business. 

CA Legal Support offers legal advice to CA members who are either self-employed, freelancers or entrepreneurs with up to 5 employees. This also applies to free student members of CA who run their own business. 

Discounted legal advice 

What is CA Legal Support for self-employed persons about? First and foremost, it gives you legal security at a favourable price. The service costs DKK 55,- per month and offers you a discount on legal advice for your business though CA Legal Support. This applies whether you choose the most popular services at a low, fixed price or you need legal advice at our discounted hourly rate. 

Get help with choosing company form, establishing your company, or when you need to collect debts from bad payers, etc. Regardless of what legal issues arise in your business, having CA Legal Support with you all the way gives you security, whether you need a brief counselling session or choose to let the lawyers take care of your problem.

Fixed discounted hourly rate and telephone support

Need business advice about a topic that you do not see on this page? CA Legal Support offers fixed low prices on legal advice at DKK 1650 per hour, VAT excluded – about half price compared with many other specialized law offices. You are always welcome to call CA Legal Support at 7020 2288 for any question about our services or membership. 

As a member of the scheme with your own CVR number (central business number), you will usually receive brief telephone guidance at no charge. The lawyers’ guidance will advise you on the most important points for attention in your case and recommend a solution of the problem. As a self-employed person or a freelancer, you can get legal advice about establishing your company, staff hiring, capital transfers, or consultancy agreements. After consulting with CA Legal Support, you may choose to let CA Legal Support handle the task at a fixed price or at an hourly rate – or have someone else take care of the task.

Membership of CA’s unemployment fund does not automatically give you membership of CA Legal Support. CA Legal Support is a legal service that you can opt into by signing up for it when you are already a member of CA’s unemployment fund. The services of CA Legal Support are offered in co-operation with Bird & Bird Advokatpartnerselskab.