As your career partner and unemployment insurance fund, we also offer our support if you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer or self-employed.

Your CA membership helps you improve and develop yourself and your business while also providing you with financial security in case you become unemployed.

As self-employed you can also get legal advice and assistance through CA Legal Support.

CA helps you develop yourself and your business.

We are your partner - also when you are self-employed or a freelancer. Actually, a large part of our members are freelancers or self-employed working as advisors or consultants.

As a CA member, you can use our competent career and insurance consultants who specialise in the needs and challenges you face as self-employed or as a freelancer.

You can also make use of a wide range of membership offers and opportunities that make your life as self-employed easier.

Less time on legal issues, more time on your business

As a business owner, you are wearing many different hats. Together with CA Legal Support, we have gathered the most important legal guides, templates and links that are useful to you as self-employed, an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

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Legal security for self-employed

As a CA member, you can buy access to services from CA Legal Support for self-employed members at a price of only DKK 55 a month.

With CA Legal Suport, you have access to professional lawyers and legal security.

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Self-employed and unemployed

If you want to carry on activity as self-employed while receiving benefits.

There are several opportunities for you to carry on activity as self-employed while being unemployed and receiving benefits. You can also start up your own business while unemployed. You can read more about the opportunities below

If you are self-employed, but do not work full time, you may often be eligible for supplementary benefits.

You are required to enter all the hours you work in your own business when you fill in your benefit form. The hours you work as self-employed will affect your benefits.

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As a general rule, you are eligible for supplementary benefits for 30 weeks while being self-employed as a secondary occupation.

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You can start up your own business part-time while you’re unemployed, but we always recommend that you contact us before starting any activity as self-employed.

Especially if you have been self-employed in the past. This is because starting up as self-employed may have a significant impact on your future right to benefits.

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If you want to stop your business

You can claim benefits after having been self-employed. However, you will generally have to stop being self-employed.

When you register as unemployed after having been self-employed, your business must generally have closed down completely before you will get benefits.

After the close down of your business, you will be eligible for benefits after a waiting period of three weeks that runs from the day after you have ceased to carry on your business.

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