Full-time employment after being unemployed

You’re required to search for work until you get a job, or until you deregister as unemployed at jobnet.dk. Please note that you do not necessarily need to search for work for a period of up to 6 weeks before you start your new job. This is called ‘less intensive activity’.

You must deregister as unemployed at jobnet.dk from the date you start working. It’s no problem to register your first day of work in advance.

CA will then be notified directly via jobnet.dk that you start working and have deregistered as unemployed at jobnet.dk, and therefore, you do not need to contact us.

You are not required to deregister as unemployed if you start working in a company internship or a wage-subsidised job or a part-time job with supplementary benefits.

When there is less than 6 weeks to your first day of work, you can ask the Jobcenter for permission to join the less intensive activity programme. This usually requires a signed contract or similar document. Once your Jobcenter has approved your eligibility for the programme, CA will be notified, and from that date you will no longer be required to apply for jobs or to keep your job log. However, you must still stay in Denmark and be available for any job facilitated by your Jobcenter.

When the Jobcenter has registered you as having joined the less intensive activity programme, and CA has been notified automatically, you no longer need to turn up for meetings with the Jobcenter or CA.

You must submit your benefit form at the end of the month as usual – even when you start working in the course of the month.

Remember to state your hours of work for the entire month – also for the part of the month in which you are not to receive benefits. The reason is that we pay out benefits for 160.33 hours less the hours you have worked, been sick etc.

After that, you are no longer required to fill in the benefit form.